[ { "title": "Creating and implementing scalable and effective multimedia objects with human interaction proof (HIP) capabilities, with challenges comprising secret question and answer created by user, and advertisement corresponding to the secret question", "publication_date": "2013/23/08", "number": "09621528", "url": "/2013/08/23/creating-and-implementing-scalable-and-effective-multimedia-objects-with-human-interaction-proof-hip-capabilities-with-challenges-comprising-secret-qu2/", "abstract": "Embodiments of the invention provide a method and apparatus (“system”) that overcome the above-mentioned problems among others and provide an innovative solution aimed at creating an interactive, dynamic and effective multi-media object with HIP capabilities which may be used in online advertising, security, and user-defined security. The system leverages the existing HIP CAPTCHA real estate to create multi-media objects that guarantee a captivated audience, especially in online advertising. Combining interactive multi-media objects with HIP capabilities helps to meet a very critical need faced by advertisers and websites today—creating an effective impression of any multi-media object on a user (a guaranteed eyeball). Embodiments of the current invention introduce a variety of formats that involve interacting with a multi-media object to provide a more natural user interaction and ease of use while maintaining security.", "owner": "24/7 Customer, Inc.", "owner_city": "Campbell", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Systems and methods for providing targeted advertising and content delivery to mobile devices", "publication_date": "2013/31/07", "number": "08863178", "url": "/2013/07/31/systems-and-methods-for-providing-targeted-advertising-and-content-delivery-to-mobile-devices/", "abstract": "Systems and methods are described for providing targeted content delivery, including advertising, to mobile devices. A content organization and distribution system may be configured to receive content from a plurality of publishers and provide targeted content to a plurality of users having mobile devices, where the mobile devices are connected to the content organization and distribution system through a plurality of carriers. The provided content may be based on one or more user customization criteria.", "owner": "Verve Wireless Inc.", "owner_city": "Carlsbad", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Embedding bitmap fonts in PDF files", "publication_date": "2013/30/01", "number": "09619438", "url": "/2013/01/30/embedding-bitmap-fonts-in-pdf-files2/", "abstract": "Techniques pertaining to embedding fonts in a PDF document are disclosed. A processing component executing a PDF application programming interface (API) may be operative to identify each character in a PDF file associated with an un-embedded font. The PDF API may store a bitmap representation for each identified character in the PDF file associated with the un-embedded font. The PDF API may then create a bitmap font character from the bitmap representation for each identified character in the PDF file associated with an un-embedded font and replace each reference to a character in the PDF file associated with an un-embedded font with a reference to its corresponding bitmap font character.", "owner": "Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L. P.", "owner_city": "Houston", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "API usage pattern mining", "publication_date": "2013/22/01", "number": "09104525", "url": "/2013/01/22/api-usage-pattern-mining/", "abstract": "Techniques for mining API method usage patterns from source code are described. These techniques include parsing the source code to generate API method call sequences that include an API method. These call sequences are clustered to obtain clusters. Based on the clusters, frequent closed sequences are determined and then clustered to obtain an API usage pattern. In addition, optimal clustering parameters may also be determined. In some instances, a graphical representation is generated based on the API usage pattern in response to a query associated with the API method.", "owner": "Microsoft Technology Licensing, LLC", "owner_city": "Redmond", "owner_country": "US" } ]