[ { "title": "Virtual service provider zones", "publication_date": "2013/01/07", "number": "09286491", "url": "/2013/07/01/virtual-service-provider-zones/", "abstract": "A service proxy services as an application programming interface proxy to a service, which may involve data storage. When a request to store data is received by the service proxy, the service proxy encrypts the data and stores the data in encrypted form at the service. Similarly, when a request to retrieve data is received by the service proxy, the service proxy obtains encrypted data from the service and decrypts the data. The data may be encrypted using a key that is kept inaccessible to the service.", "owner": "Amazon Technologies, Inc.", "owner_city": "Seattle", "owner_country": "US" }, { "title": "Systems and methods for providing mobile handset position to software applications", "publication_date": "2013/15/02", "number": "08774765", "url": "/2013/02/15/systems-and-methods-for-providing-mobile-handset-position-to-software-applications/", "abstract": "Providing information as to location of a mobile station involves receiving a mobile station location request from a requesting software application at an API gateway of a wireless communications network. The API gateway provides a network-initiated request to the wireless communications network for the location of the mobile station after determining that the requesting application is authorized to receive the location of the specified mobile station. The location of the mobile station can be determined, according to either a coarse or granular location position resolution, or accuracy, based on the request of the application and/or the conditions of the wireless communication network. Information as to location of the mobile station can be produced, and provided to the requesting software application, which can be resident on the mobile station itself or at a different location/platform.", "owner": "Cellco Partnership", "owner_city": "Basking Ridge", "owner_country": "US" } ]